PODCAST #31: Guillermo Alda & Jan Burian – Myths and Truths About AI in Manufacturing

PODCAST #31: Guillermo Alda & Jan Burian – Myths and Truths About AI in Manufacturing

We have to start with an apology. Especially if you are one of the faithful and now you are wondering where the Czech was lost. And in fact to everyone who also likes English, because we will sometimes hurt it even today. But it is so. Today it will not Vše o průmyslu. Today you are witnessing the first All about the industry episode.  

Do you want to see desperate moderator? Wath video version of the episode: 


You will definitely forgive me because we simply wanted to have our guest today, Guillermo Alda, in the studio. We joked a little that he could adapt and speak Czech. He had a logical remark that I could try Spanish. In the end, we did it differently and decided the third guest sitting here with us. So we also welcomed Jan Burian from IDC. Yes and we forgot which company Guillermo represents. But on purpose. The company GoodAI solutions probably suggests a lot about the topic today... As the name of the episode may have suggested before. Enjoy our latest episode about AI in manufacturign!

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